Monday, September 22, 2014

Armies on Parade.



Hi guys, its been a while since my lats post so thought I would show you my efforts regarding the two Ironclad Dreadnought I have planned for my Armies on Parade board, yep that's right only the legs so far Drat! and times ticking!, I'm beginning to think I may of bitten off more than I can chew, ha.

Anyhow they are just about done just the odd shrub to add and maybe a purity seal to one of the shin plates, I am now starting to wonder on what to arm them with, don't think I'll bother with HK Missiles and was going to arm them both with a Heavy Flamer and Melta Gun but not so sure now, I could go for a little visual difference and opt for a Hurricane Bolters on one of them.
What do you guys think.

This Stormraven extension is going to pull the rug right from under my Armies on Parade plans, there's a lot more work than I though there would be and so has been put to one side so I can crack on with more straightforward painting and modelling tasks.
Shame but not convinced it will make the cut.


  1. I don't know about armaments but I love the legs, I don't see too many Iron Clads but their angular shin cards and detailed feet are really cool. I also like the variety on the bases both in all the little extra details and the undulations in ground. You don't usually get such distinct but transitioned variety. Certainly in my own bases it's flat and then stone, flat stone, no mounds, I like what you've done, much more natural.

  2. Thanks Dave really kind words, Im happy with them so far and yep totally with you about the Ironclads legs, much more beefy than your standard Dreads.

    I hope to get the prep done for all for arms today and maybe basecoated, I'll see.