Sunday, September 14, 2014

So little time AoP 2014.

Armies on Parade.

Much to do and so little time.....


So guys I walked into my local Games Workshop store (Leeds) a couple of days ago for a few bits like you do and got collared by James a member of staff at the branch, he asked me if I wanted to take part in Armies on Parade this year, now I remember last year when he asked me the same question and I declined his request stating that I had only just started this hobby and really didn't have the time or model count to do it justice, so this time I felt I would at least give it a go but in true "Jamie style" I have left things a bit late, could really of been planning this a month or so ago if you know what I mean.

Anyhow I'm in and my board/mini's have to be in on the 25th of Oct (Drat!!) giving me 40 days to get things sorted so having already pushed the panic button I need a plan.

First up the board, keep it simple nothing flash, add a little interest maybe that crashed Rhino terrain piece GW sell, turn the trees into the martian ones I did on my Dread display base plus add a few more, sorted.

Second up the models, not got the time to start anything really major but having said that I do want one large model piece on the board, so I've finally opened the storm wing box set I bought back end of last year ( Im really bad for buying models and then just shelving them) anyhow Stormraven it is I think the Raven would go well with my already painted Scythes Terminators.

So the models....

Stormraven, (not built/painted).
5 Terminators.
Terminator Chaplain, (not built/painted).
Thunder Fire Cannon, (Tech to finish).
Rhino and Tac Squad.
Dev Squad, (not finished).
Assault Squad, (not finished).
3 Dreadnoughts, (2 to finish).

And 40 days to do it.........wish me luck!.


  1. It's a great event and although I may be forced to abandon the new board I hoped to do apparently the board isn't even compulsory anymore, but obviously it helps, it just has to fit on 2'x2'. Also the minimum requirement was just a HQ and two troops [not sure if that's still the case] so use the deadline by all means to get your stuff done but remember it's better to be a few models short than rush them for the Parade and be disappointed with the finish. Just a thought, good luck with your painting though.

  2. Thanks Dave and yes apparently given the new unbound rules its HQ + whatever you want aslong as it looks like an army, thats what I was told at Leeds.

    As for the board/tile its just easy right now, plan is to have two for my models to sit on more comfortably in my model room, maybe the other can be for next years event I'll see (that would give me loads of time lol).

    I just what to have fun and compete really I wont be pulling up any tree's at Leeds there's some great painters, should be good though.

    I really like your Nid board, loads of effort/skill went into it shame you may abandon it, why??

  3. That is an impressive amount of work to do in 40 days. Best of luck to you. I'm looking at 6 month time frames and being intimidated. :)