Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zinge Indusries..Ammo Belt.

  Ammo Belt.....

Hi guys just a short post to tell you about this Ammo Belt I've bought from Zinge Industries, its the second item I've had from them, the first being a Rivet Sprue which is a handy piece of kit to have, I used four of them on the name plaque for my Dreadnought display base, anyhow back to the belt, I have in mind a little kitbash/conversion idea for a heavy weapon tactical marine and needed a ammo feed belt to complete the job from magazine to weapon, now I have a Forge World ammo belt from something I bought a while ago but wasn't looking forward to heating the plastic a hundred times to make it fit, besides it might not be long enough anyway.

So Flexible Resin fron Zinge might be the solution, well not having used it as yet I cant tell you how the paint adheres to the product but what I can say is the detail is crisp and it appears that there is a metal rod through the belts to hold any desired position saying that I would use two anchor points as I don't think the rod's strong enough from just one glued point, the product itself has a slight rubber feel to it which Im a bit put off by but will reserve judgement till later, apart from that I'm happy with it, so more on this later when the marines painted up.

Here's a link to Zinge Industries goodies..


  1. I don't know if you have used resin before...but make sure you wash it before priming to take off any cast release agent!

    Really cool if they have a metal rod inside the belt. That's a really great idea!

  2. Thanks for the wash tip Greg and yeah hopefully this belt will do the trick.