Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Display Base.

Display base for my Dreadnought.... 


Hi guys, well I've completed the display base for my newly painted Venerable Dreadnought and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Its the first time I attempted something like this and hopefully it will stand me in good stead when I up size to something larger like a tile maybe.
Anyhow guys here's a few pics with brief explanations as to how I built it, as always click pics for enlargement.

First off I bought a wooden display base off ebay, not too expensive £15 I think.

I then cut out a slightly smaller piece of plastic card and glued it to the base with PVA.
I used cork coasters from my local hobby shop to build up the terrain slightly, I then carefully cut out three small circles where I wanted the mini's to go then stuck all the cork down with PVA.

I stuck various bits of interest to the base, half a Rhino door (the other half's on the Dread base), a piece of  resin I kept from a FW model and a skeleton.

Green stuff was used to fill the gaps between coasters and to push up against various terrain to represent slight sand drifts this is more obvious when the base is sprayed with primer.

I added sand and small rocks stuck down with PVA.

The martian trees were made by twisting a couple of paperclips together to the required shape then I rolled out a few green stuff sausages and squeezed them around the wire and pricked them with a tooth pick for texture.

After it had set I rolled out tinner strings of green stuff and wrapped it round each branch to add further interest.

To make the plaque I glued two pieces of plastic card together, one smaller than the other, and held them in clamps while it dried.

I used a length of tape to force a curve while it dried.

I used elastic bands to hold the plaque in place while the glue dried.

Just like the icon's on my other Scythes models I made my own water slide transfer for the plaque, I'm happy with how it turned out.


  1. Really like it and it looks deceptiively simple too. Maybe one day I should consider doing something like this myself, like for my Tyranid Four Horseman group. Sadly I don't have anywhere to display them so it would pure whimsy for me to undertake such an enterprise, sigh!

  2. Thanks Dave and yeah it was pretty easy once I got going with it, the trees were probably the hardest part, I knew i wanted some for the base but hadnt a clue on how to make them so I started fiddling around with paper clips and green stuff and they came around by accident if Im honest lol, but there ok and think they work quite well.

  3. Looks great. I do think the washes (from your post on my blog) could add a bit more depth. It's hard to know without seeing it in person though. Photos are always a hit or miss with mini's.

    I'd love to see a photo with the dread on this base as well. :)

  4. Thanks Greg, Like I said on your blog when I come to painting a tile I'll end up adding a few cliff faces (well thats the plan anyhow) and with that I hope to vary the colour a tad.

    Just got another one of those small tracked beasties to paint and I'll post the finished display base up with added mini's, thing is I've got sidetracked preping two Ironclads lol.

  5. Can't fault you for being distracted by ironclads. I run two in every one of my Black Templar lists. They are amazing!