Sunday, May 21, 2017

SHOWCASE: Iron Warriors Volkite support squad.

Hi guys
At long last I have something to show for my 2017 painting efforts, Well it took a while to get going but I seem to be on a roll now.......well for me at least.

Loving the Volkite Caliver squad with their pre-heresy feel, I was thinking of adding some sort of glow to the Calivers like that you would find on Plasma weapons but in the end I just liked the look of them how they were, I did however add a little purple wash to the end of the guns to show some heat burn which I think looks quite effective.


A few random shots of the squad members, Very happy with how the hazard stripes turned out.

Well that's it for now just waiting for next Saturday at Warhammer Fest so I can buy another IW's transfer sheet to finish off my 15 strong tactical squad ...yeah that's right guys they are done, Another Showcase coming soon.

Happy painting. 


  1. Lovely squad mate, really like the look of Volkite weapons.

    1. Cheers Siph I'm happy with them and glad i didn't put any glow on them now.

  2. So impressive! I love the eyes! How did you get them like that? I also enjoy that you didn't do the glow effect, it almost ruins it. Truly an amazing job and a job well done.

    1. Cheers Poops,

      The eye lenses are basecoat Mephiston Red then Wild rider red with a tiny bit Troll slayer orange to finish all with a Bloodletter glaze, was thinking of adding a small dot of white like GW do but left it, Kind of like them as they are.