Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rebasing Techmarine from 25 to 32mm.

So then guys as I look at some of my old Scythes miniatures I feel that binning them all would be heartbreaking for me given the time effort and expense I've put in and besides some of them I still actually like, take my Techmarine Thunderfire Cannon combo, I spent a whole day putting that dam cannon together and painting it (if I remember right around eleven hours of effort) as for the Tech Kit-bash.... well I was an still am over the moon with how it turned out even more so as it's my first machine god loving mother.

And so in a moment of madness I  grabbed the Tech and simply snapped it off the base (super glue ain't that super guys), now I don't recommend this as a good idea as this could of gone horribly wrong but I feet confident because of the Tech's FW one piece torso and just went for it.

Just a matter of sanding off a bit of excess dried glue (thanks for the emery boards Jules) drill a couple of holes on the underside of the feet, pop in a couple of pins, trim and re-glue to the new 32mm base, job done!.

Well I'm chuffed!, looks cool on the new base and I've got to say the the new size works really well for marines, I may add a wasteland tuft or a length a barbed wire to the base for a little extra interest I'll see.

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