Friday, October 2, 2015

New Project: Pre Heresy Iron Warriors.

Wow It's seems such a long time since I last posted anything on Sons of Sotha that I feel really quite guilty about it, Quite strange, Anyway I hope to post more regulally now that I'm up and running with this new project..."Where's the Mechanicum Project at?", Dead in the water right now guys but I do want to get it started again soon as I make up my mind to either incorperate it into the IV Legion or as a stand alone project.

Right then guys a few weeks ago I went down to Warhammer World and splashed out on a few bits n bobs for this new thing I've got going on,  It took a while but decided on but Iron Warriors Legion it is as I love tanks and Perturabo's a total monster plus it's got my yellow and black fix going on.

Well then guys thats the new kit, lots of prep work to be done and cant wait I'll post soon.

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