Sunday, May 1, 2016

WIP: My Boys Imperial Knight.

Hi guys, I've been asked to build and paint this Imperial Knight for my son that he got for his birthday, He's seen daddy buy a couple of Renegade boxsets and asked where he's is at....tut tut bad dad, My little guy knows I'm the worlds slowest painter but is still fine with it so my own Knights will have to go on hold till I get this one out the way...that sounds really bad lol, I'm not going to drag my feet over it now and will see it as practise for my own Knight House as I've not painted one before.

The mini me project started by building the base up as I do for my Iron Warriors, Same theme Scorched Earth/Wasteland type, It's what I'll be doing for House Makabius when I get around to it....all practise you see.

I then built the model as a Paladin at my sons request stuck it to the base and primed it black, Then using two Tamiya silvers gunmetal and flat aluminum sprayed the mini at 45/65 degree angles to create a natural shading on the model.

The arms were done with the same method, Next step will be to finish the Knight skeleton with washes and powers picking out the odd detail and of course paint the base.

Not sure right now which house this Knight will belong to but my sons says he likes the look of the one on the front cover 40k Imp Knight codex so green then, We will see.


  1. Awesome Jamie! The reason I have knights at all is because my fiance said they were her favorite and keeps egging me to paint one :)

  2. Cheers Greg, Well you will have to get them done or the Boss will have your guts ;)