Friday, May 6, 2016

Warhammer Fest: Sokar Pattern Stormbird.

Wow!, Yet another big release at this years Warhammer Fest as the Sokar Pattern Stormbird thunders in.

It's going to be available in limited quantities first at the Fest and is rumoured to cost around £600 to £650 which is a tad rich for my pocket, Wonder if the tile comes with it anyhow think I would rather a Titan for that price.

The model looks ok but cant help thinking that it looks a bit of a mash up of the Thunderhawk/Stormeagle kind.


  1. I loathe it, it's a lazy Thunderhawk add on. The Stormbirds from the fluff were graceful powerful elegant craft, not the mash up brutal big brother of Thunderhawk we have here :(

    1. Yeah i kind of agree with you Siph its not that high on my FW shopping list....still waiting on the Masterdon which should be out later in the year.