Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spray Booth.

Hi guys, well I thought I would bring you a post on this new edition to my hobby bench and it's a Spray Booth, it's a nice piece of kit and folds down easy if your only part time user, so no problems there.

I'm really happy to see things moving airbrush wise (which should be arriving shortly by the way). Anyway the spray booth, it's a little smaller than I envisaged in my minds eye but is perfectly adequate for your average hobbyist.

The kit comes with all the pieces you need to vent the vapour and any paint particles that haven't been
collected by the filter out the nearest window, the tube you see extends to around 6' which is alright for me as the booth is placed in my case next to a window.

I would say however that the booth itself with the vent system attached to the rear makes this item very deep size wise to the point that it would overhang my desk 7" which is not desireable, so I'm looking at ways to reduce that extra depth by using the what looks like the window vent attachment (the long flat grey plastic attachment) and a large shallow Tupperware tub (I will get my blue peter badge one day).

I like the fact that the booth has transparent sides to let light in and it also comes with a lasy Susan, one point of note is the instruction manual, well I say manual more like a couple A4 sides stapled together...well it's kind of got lost in translation if you know what I mean but it's ok as the booth is easy to put together.


  1. +1 To Jamie. I got pretty much the same booth (but with the light option). It works quite well...and you can just fit a stompa in it :).

    The transparent sides are a huge prior to this booth, I was spraying in a cardboard box. What a difference!

    1. Only a +1 Greg ;)

      I missed the light booth option, oh well I'll make do, lol.

    2. I see the notch for it on yours. I wonder if you could just pick it up later and hook it up. Are there two power plugs above the filter on the inside? (on top right and top left)

    3. No Greg there's no power points inside the unit you must have the next model up fella (flash git,lol).

      I've aready got a small desk lamp anyhow and are probably going to buy one of those large articulated lamps and put a daylight bulb in it, plus my booths near a window so I'm not struggling for light if I'm honest.

      By the way Greg I like your new look blog site;)

    4. Thanks Jamie! Hmm that's good to know. I was figuring the light and non light models were the same, just without the light attachment. Oh well!

      With it being transparent, and outside light wouldn't hold you back any. It would give you diffuse lighting with the color scale you choose. (problem with the integrated light, is it is all 6500K, so very blue light!).

    5. Right I see, So the 6500k lights are blue in colour thats not good, as I was saying I'm buying one of those articulated lamps and will fit it with a daylight bulb although now I see the daylight bulbs I were looking at are rated at 6500k same as yours.

      Any ideas Greg :)

    6. The triple bright lamp thing uses 6500k. But it is diffuse and seems to be really nice. The straight led 6500 from the booth is a bit harsh. I went ahead and replaced the center bulb on my daylight set (it was having ignition issues and wasn't worth sending back for a 7 dollar bulb). I out a 4100k in there to balance it out. Looks pretty much the same. Maybe I have poor color vision!