Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blog hits 10,000 views.

Well then Ten Thousand views!, it's the number I had in mind when I first started this blog 18 months ago. I know it's not a lot to you guys that have blogged for years but to me its a real mile stone and I'm delighted.

So then 18 months in the hobby, a hobby which started by walking into my local Games Workshop and picking up the 40k rule book and noticing the yellow and black of the Scythes of the Emperor on the glossy pages then I was hooked, since then though my taste in models and games has broadened as has my desire to paint the miniatures in different ways using different technique's.

I have a lot planned for 2015 and feel it's going to be a good year for me hobby wise.

I feel I need to make a special mention to Dave from 40k Addict, as well as having some great looking Nid's on show and other hobby related articles I found one article to be to be particularly informative, its about how to increase your blog traffic, although Dave does say that the old method of just joining Blog rolls isn't as potent as it once was  I did this anyway and found that my views increased from 3000 in twelve months to over 10,000 in eighteen, anyway guys check it out Here  it's a good read.

So then on and up and as part of my 2015 pledge I'm planning on a 50pt Khador force from Warmachine, I just love these mini's they have a real red army tone to them and cant wait to have a go at winter themed bases, I picked this Codex up from Travelling Man Leeds, can I say codex or is that a term used just for GW products, anyway an army book (same thing) its got all the units solo's and Warcasters plus fluff and a painting guide, I think I'll be opting for Epic Sorscha and the 5th boarder legion with plenty of vodka of course.

And has luck would have it Privateer Press are launching a new range of 35pt army boxes for all their factions, this Khador one comes with eSorscha and the units and solo's I was looking at but at a reduced price of £80 for the's just ment to be guys!!

Bottle's a hard slog but I'm about half way through and I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end, not sure I'll bottle the metallics as I don't know how well they will react to having water added, I'll see.


  1. Congratulations on the milestone. Thanks for the shout out and if joining a blog roll has made the difference then i can only stand corrected. I can definitely recommend applying to natfka's faeit 212 to go on his blog exchange, not necessarily the blog roll. He doesn't do them as often as he used to but you will see a huge spike in hits from that. Also if you apply to go on his community page to share tutorials that will help too, I got massive interest after I shared a recent terrain template.

    Additionally there are a few Google+ and facebook groups that it's worth sharing too although it's advisable not to spam them too often.

    All the very best and keep up the good work, here's to 10,000 more!

    1. Thanks Dave.

      I'll have to look into natfka's blog exchange, sounds interesting, also i think your right to a certain extent about the blog roll's being less effective now, it was proberly different years ago when there were less blogs to view, I think now its like a needle in a haystack trying to get established but still think its helped a bit.

      Could you send the links to the G+ and facebook groups as its not an avenue I've explored as yet and may help, ta.

      Well then 10,000 more! ha I'll see, I was thinking more 100,000 but I think thats years away maybe 50,000 the next stone to reach, I did notice however in the time it took me to get another 7000 views you got 80,000!!, I'm not jealous (cough git cough) I'm happy for you ;)

  2. I think the increase in traffic was in part due to two things, being included in natfka's community page, so I can repost any of my freebies, that saw a huge increase, hence the spike in my little graph.

    Also as I posted the templates in the modelling forum on BoLS it was then picked up by their facebook page, which is often keener to pick up individuals work so if you create a thread about your miniatures you can start from the beginning. The images and content is already here on your blog so you just post two or three pics with a rough outline of your efforts and then link to the actual blogpost if folk want to learn more. So long as it's not totally spam ego posts they're OK with it. If you put a little bit of effort in it should drive traffic and perhaps get picked up on their facebook page.

    Here's some of the links, facebook ones are probably more active.

    1. Thanks for getting back Dave, since my last post I've joined a few FB sites and will definitely look in to BoLs Facebook page, thanks for your help fella.