Monday, January 2, 2017

Open Day Greatness Jan 2017: Legio Custodes.

Hi guys, Looks like the old bank accounts going to take a knock over the next few months.

Some beautiful miniatures on show.

Loving these Custodes Contemptors with all their weapon options.

Seems we have a name for the weapons on the Pallas Grav-Attack (which are fielded as squadrons if you so wish) and Coronus Grav-Carrier and that's the Blaze Cannon.



  1. I love these vehicles but resisting whilst I paint some of my to-do pile

    1. Hi Siph, Resistance is futile or something like that, Yeah My "To do pile" is getting some love this year, I have a few idears for them but i shall see at the end of the year as to how much of a dent I've put into it.

      I think these being an Elite force means that there will be of low model count....well thats the way I'll be justifying buying further miniatures to add to said pile ha.