Friday, March 25, 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Leviathan.

Wow it seems such a long time since I last posted on my blog, Anyway fellas I've been working on this Leviathan and the rest of my Iron Warriors project on and off for weeks now but nearly there with the big guy apart from the chest weapons and arms.

I've magnetized the arms so I can change the weapon load out if and when I feel the need, there's four arm's to paint up that I already own and the as yet not released Melta Lance which I'll buy once on sale.

So here he is minus the arms, I'm pretty Happy with it so far I've used some of the FW Iron Warriors transfers on this miniature and lots of small strips of plastic/rivets to give him the look.

A couple of pic's of the base in various stages, The one to the left will be for my second Contemptor.

 A few different stages that the miniature goes through before being placed on the base.


  1. He looks fantastic matey, exceptional work :)

  2. Wow, Jamie. That is one magnificent dreadnought!
    Very, very awesome to use plasticard to make the hazard striping. Such thin stripes look better than using masking tape. I might steal that idea from you some day.

    1. Coming from you thats a massive complement cheers Revan88, steal away mate ;)

  3. Replying to your comment on my blog..

    I did see Thud guy man and it was definitely some inspiration for me to do the same, just paint alone doesn't make it themed enough for legions like ours, the plasticard work you did is great and it's a ripper paint job!

    The paint on mine is a way down the queue but I can't wait to get it done now seeing yours again.

    Cheers man,

    1. Cheers Jack.

      Yeah looking forward to seeing yours all painted up, Must get this fella done he's been sitting on my desk for months well his arms anyhow.