Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tamiya Weathering Master.

Well then guys I picked up this nifty little hobby related item a few days ago with a view to using it on my models exhaust vents, in the past I've just dry brushed black which is fine and works well but I'm always up for something new and I've found this product to be rather good.

As you can see the coverage is good and it looks effective, the product itself  is quite strange as it has a waxy nature to it but it drys fine and I've not noticed any product transference to other parts of the model after touching, I'm not sure what I'll use the snow for but I can think of many applications for the rust, given that this product is labeled B its a fare bet that there's more to the range and I'll be looking out for them.


  1. I was wondering the same about the white. Just occurred to me you could use it as ash on some burned out bases. Lime buildup on your model faucets? OK, I'll go now.

  2. in case it helps